The Slanket – Sleevin Las Vegas

The Slanket - Sleevin Las Vegas
“You’re SO money”

This is it, probably the ultimate Slanket design that really shows everyone what a high-roller you (even if you are sat at home on the sofa).

This is the new Slanket design called “Sleevin Las Legas”, and as you can already tell, it has a a real casino feel to it – the design is a pure red background that is decorated with all the suits from a pack of cards.

I wonder how many online gamblers are really tucked up at home on the sofa with their laptop, wearing one of these?

Official Description:
The air was thick with the smoke and whiskey laden breath of the gamblers. The sound of the slapping paddle wheel against the waters of the Mississippi marked the passing moments. Some say it is the German game Pochspiel, others the Persian, Nas. Whatever the origin, Luis had a lot riding on this game of betting, hand rankings, and bluffing. He quietly spoke the words “All in” and… Boom! threw the Slanket onto the table. Through clenched teeth, “Fold” was all the Baron could say. Slanket takes the pot.

Where to get the Sleevin Las Vegas SLanket

  • You can get the Sleevin Las Legas Slanket from for $34.99. BUY IT HERE
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