The Slanket – Wintergalactic (new Slanket design)

Slanket Wintergalactic

This is the brand new Slanket design called “Wintergalactic”, and whenever I hear the name, it makes me think of the Beastie Boys all sat together on big sofa in Slankets.

This is a blue, white, and red design that is a departure from the original plain colour Slankets of the past. Distinctive pattern, awesome name, same great Slanket – what’s not to like.

Official Description:
Look beyond. See past. Seek out the truth in yourself and allow others to do the same. Let the present be your world, leave the past to history, and let the future lie until it’s ready. All squares are rectangles, some rectangles are squares; all slankets are blankets, some blankets are slankets. Slanket Squared

Where to buy the Slanket – Wintergalactic design


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