The Snuggie Choir (Video)

Right – I’ve seen it all now – check out this video of a full choir dressed in Snuggie singing the praises of The Snuggie.
“Reach out for the Snuggie, Snuggie, the blanket that has sleeves, reach out for the Snuggie, Snuggie, feel the warmth and you’ll believe.”

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  • Cocopopsz

    mr nini is kinda
    HOT he looks differenty now
    lol and the blue girl in the middle went to my skool hahaha

  • JessicaaJuvenilee

    OHMYGOD. MR NINNI hahhaha

  • gcspgurl28


  • TimandTim2020


  • jamesfirst92

    hi mr nini

    (james park from st pats)

  • jesabds

    om i have nothing no say about this…..

  • afloydofpink

    anyone else notice that the woman in the blue flips off the camera when she snaps?

  • parrot219

    mr nini is the one in blue next to the girl in blue in the middle sort of

  • parrot219

    omg its mr Nini
    by the way he is not hot people

  • doublep96


  • gabbyspace

    OMG it is Mr nini BAHAHAHA

  • azinpride800

    hi mr ninni
    ( st pats)


    HAHAHAHAS mr nini is in the snuggie choirr!!

  • contessaoreilly

    LOL, a hit at any party

  • jplesk

    Would have warmed my heart more if they were all set alight.

  • hyperlitecreole


  • estrello

    These people have just committed social suicide

  • abbyislife

    This seems slightly sacrilegious to me. These poor fools seem to think that the snuggie is God

  • calypso625

    When will it end?!!?!

    Never I hope.

  • jarrad0012

    raise your hand for the DORKS! lol

  • jarrad0012

    bahahaha snuggie crew just give it up

  • KatieHatesYou92


  • tyrannosauruslexxx

    what on earth.

  • Suitable4Vegetarianz

    XD lol

  • MuseExtraordinaire

    This more like Jimmy and friends choir! hehe