The Snuggie Drinking Game – The Rules

A new game has been sweeping colleges, and it is known as the Snuggie Drinking Game.

The rules are simple: Take a swig every time a Snuggie ad airs after midnight. The rules do not go further that that, so determining the winner is unclear – but hey, it’s the taking part that counts right?


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  • Squiddy

    theyre always juiced

  • red link
  • Future Professor

    I believe it.

  • NGM

    Meh, it’s not affecting me so I don’t really care…

  • $avannah

    ever hear of the wisest wizard game?

  • Miss Feasance II

    Do you get bonus swigs if you’re wearing one when it happens?

  • Maxine ©

    i bought some Jack Danial’s JUST for the occasion.


  • The Conceited Bastard

    my name is not sasha fierce

  • Smokies Hiker

    Yeah! I would hope that if anyone ever caught me using a damn Snuggie, that I was really drunk! I’d hate to think I’d be stupid enough to use of of those things while I was SOBER! …”And my little dog too”!