The Snuggie Parody (remix)

This is another pretty good video to add to the huge archive of Snuggie parody videos.

This video takes the original Snuggie commercial that went viral in 2008, and chops up the visuals and audio to give a very different commercial for the Snuggie. No extra footage has been added, but through smart editing you get the commercial uttering great new lines like:

“The Snuggie is made from ultra-soft women and children”

What the Snuggie parody video below:

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  • eastjoker94

    that sucks

  • sikchild247

    made of ultra snuggly children and women!!!

  • ChocoPenguin112010

    LOL XD

  • pinkypie365125

    not cool and funny u just repeated it

  • Offspring175

    not funny….fail.

  • youeralldead22

    the snugie is made out of women and children!!!

  • losefast4

    funny stuff

  • CodeSoul

    It lets you use your arms so you can still be wrapped in women and children xD

  • squawstar

    keeps you totally cold!

  • squawstar

    you can be wrapped in women and children LOL

  • Dianne724

    Now.. there’s the HEATING BILL! >:D

  • surferpenguingrl

    did anyone else ltao?

    (laugh their @ss off)

  • TheDaVeROCk

    hey this is a pape Snuggie Parody XD

  • quiznationrules

    Wrapped in women and children…Ha!

  • DetoxFmL

    All of them look like satan worshippers in the red ones. ESPECIALLY in public lol. And through my entire life I’ve never seen anyone have so many complications with blankets.

  • EleventhSniper

    Good poop, but if you can get just the audio of certain parts so it makes more sense, such as the pricing part, it can say what you want without cutting videos into bits. Good work.

  • Kuvv3tmira


  • DoubleRaspberry

    haha great job!!!

  • sk1lls397

    terrible remix no offense

  • Rolofgild1337


  • ProjecktJohnston

    Get off youtube ben.

  • RockAngle198

    This guys a scam
    dont listen

  • Omariqwer

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