The Snuggie Stimulus! [Video]

The Snuggie Video parodies keep coming:

Vote YES today to ensure that Barack Obama and the 111th Congress ensure the rescue of the economy with an exorbitant expenditure on a giant, cumbersome product of questionable value. What better way?


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  • BulletToothKnecht

    Wear Snuggie, be a Jedi, make yourself a fool!!

  • genYprogressive

    THe Cons can’t, and never will do good satire.

  • pm0501

    There’s now a clear Snuggie for nudists!

  • Timtunacan

    why would you even get it?

  • ThePookieJones

    Why is obama bailing out government motors when we could have snuggie’s?

  • Niccoloantithesis

    Good job converting it to evening wear. Can you say toga?

  • jcruenv

    if she were only my Snuggie….

  • Kwicherbichen

    I want a bailout snuggie.

  • FluffyMcNutter1

    If Mary Katherine Ham were a Snuggie I’d fall asleep inside her every night.

  • TranCendenZ

    Don’t get your Snuggie dirty. Consumer Reports tested it, and after 10 washes, it had holes in it and small pills all over.

    Also, it’s super thin and not even warm.

  • caraimannn

    Cover your mouth with your hand
    2. Make a wish
    3.Close your hand (fist)
    4. Hold your hand at heart for 5 seconds
    5. Send this to 3 more´╗┐ videos
    6. Tommorrow will be the best day ever
    it actually worked
    Money- you will find a wad of $200 in cash
    Love- Your crush or lover will kiss you or ask you out

  • ennalyra


    …This is a parody of the bailout. About Snuggies. Seriously, chill.

  • ennalyra

    Now I want a Snuggie.

  • Revelation181

    MKH is the sweetest thing in Washington right now!!! We love ya, MK. Keep the new vids coming…

  • jpbalkenende

    Then SAY the government has no such right, what you insinuated in your post was that current conditions do not demand such actions, as in economic theory.
    Btw read the taxing and spending clause, you think you know it all but you don’t.

  • batbawls

    jpbalkenende, why the hell do I have to explain this? You said, “economic conditions demand government intervention/spending (…)” Our government has no such right. If a company fails or companies fail, they fail. Period. Government intervention and regulation got us into this mess to begin with — recently, Bush, Reagan, now Obama, and, oh, for f-‘s sake, certainly our “historical” FDR.

  • jpbalkenende

    You are an arrogant SOB, I must admit.
    Your statement was literally “No, it does not” there isn’t any POINT in there. If you DO wish to make a point then do so you smug prick.

  • batbawls

    @jpbalkenende: Congratulations, you completely missed my point. My statement still stands, and it would speak for itself if you knew anything about the founding of the United States. P.S. Based on the Carl Sagan “quote” on your channel page, I can only assume you are some kind of troll?

  • jpbalkenende

    FDR annual inflation adjusted growth 1933-1941: 7.4% (stimulus)
    1941-1945: 10.2% (massive spending/stimulus).

    For reference: Reagan: 3.2%

  • batbawls

    jpbalkenende, “current economic conditions demand government intervention/spending.” No, it most certainly does not.

  • HateAllNazis

    o Israel has killed Americans (eg. Sailors on USS Liberty, Rachel Corrie, etc…)
    o Israel spies on this country.
    o Israel blackmails our corrupt politicians.
    o Israel steals our taxes.
    o Israel uses our country as their toilet.

    For more info, click my UsedID then browse my informative Israel playlist.

    Please distribute this post and tell your Senator and/or Representative about Israel’s killing Americans, heinous crimes, stealing our taxes, and its spying on USA. Peace!

  • jpbalkenende

    Nope that was an argument for the current deficits. It’s partly that and partly new programs of course.
    But yeah the current economic conditions demand government intervention/spending which deepens the deficit. These things were not true for Reagan or Bush.

  • Ragnarokgn

    Was that an argument for the the “stimulus”?

  • jpbalkenende

    “Additionally, recession is no excuse for stupidity.”
    Indeed it isn’t so use your goddamn brain for once.
    A recession/ a near recession causes revenues to fall (GDP contracts) and extra spending in the form of more people going on welfare and such. As evident by the fact that even without doing anything Obama is already inheriting trillion dollar deficits from Bush (2008 deficit).

  • snellbarker

    This is the Abramoff K Street Snuggie, the Snuggie that keeps on giving. It makes good prison garb for the many corrupt Cheney/Bush felons. Latest inductee: Dusty Foggo – W’s number three CIA man.