• antikoerper256

    5:12 XDDDDD looks so much fun!!!

  • fuzzykangaroo2

    the snuggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahah!

  • tracemaster100

    these are the quite possibly the stupidest inventions i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ArishaSmile

    *while showing images of man on toilet*
    Just aim and shoot….the ball…..in the cup….
    (double meaning O.o)

  • XxDarkVailxX

    The potty putter

    “the most satisfying way to play your game”

  • daredevil245

    i saw that uroclub on shark tank and not one of the people would invest in the product but i mean seriously who would

  • greendayfan98967

    potty putter lol

  • IsuckGamer

    No emberrassing moments using the Uro Club? Sweet, no I don’t have to feel stupid because I pee in a golf club! Also, what happened to the Comfort Wipe? You forgot that 😛

  • fratboyfrat

    3:45 Just the way he says it… It’s like even he thinks it’s total BS.
    “When you’re bored in the bathroom… you rush.. and that’s.. unhealthy?”

  • daredevil245

    everyone is making fun of the shake weight its halarious and now theres a shake weight or men that commercial is funny

  • lazodiac1

    its sad that they had to spell out t-i-d-d-y bear…

  • topherman420

    that towel thing was pretty cool though. Of course the reasons they say you need it is really ridiculous, but none the less im tempted to buy one lol

  • LadyMissMina

    The breast thing is ridiculous and funny lol but not the craziest. I mean really…a golf club you can piss in? What is this world coming to?

  • 1SMF0F

    why PM? i like it too :0

  • slicer17

    lol kush support is a freakin boob job dildo

  • hellionproductionz09

    i got a boner at 6:57 lol

  • salemcripple

    @SteelBeWithYou That cooler is awesome! I’m not even joking. Too slow though, i would have to stick a V8 starter motor in it or something, just to see how far i could get the front wheel off the ground lol. By the way, is that the stig driving it? lol

  • Skaterkid126

    wow Nice video!

  • CalliesCPblog

    uroclub LMFAO


    i wanna b a tiddy bear!! lmao yea wtf and the guy fannin in the fart at 1:24 lmao rotl fail!!

  • SteelBeWithYou

    I could never understand the cruisin cooler

  • clariceave

    I like the music to0

  • tabovilla

    funniest cut is 7:16, music is just funny!

  • fagocista1980

    only in USA xD thx for inv.

  • Thegokugohanson

    k thanx