Travel Slanket

The Travel Slanket: The Review of the Travel Slanket.

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The Travel Slanket


The Travel Slanket has been specially designed by those boffins who were behind the original Slanket. The Travel Slanket has been designed to be practical and small enough to take with you on long journeys and is ideal for air travel or long car trips. The Travel Slanket is designed to keep your entire body covered and cozy while you still retain the use of your hands.

So why is it better than a normal blanket?

Well, the idea is pretty simplistic and practical – adding sleeves to a travel blanket makes it really easy to sit on your long haul flight and still have your hands free to make the most of the in-flight entertainment, eat, drink, or just read a book.

Sure, you get a free blanket on a plane, but they are usually thin and seem to exist for the sole purpose on generating static and giving you shocks or making you hair stand on end.

The Travel Slanket is basically a slightly scaled down version of the original Slanket, and it comes in a draw-string fleece travel bag, so you can easily take it with you on planes, trains and automobiles (see gallery below to see what the Travel Slanket bag looks like).

One of the problems with the original slanket is its size. The size is obviously great for keeping you warm and making you feel completely wrapped up, but it is a bit of a pain if you wanted to take it anywhere – it doesn’t come with a bag, it takes up a lot of space, it is hard to fold up etc…The Travel Slanket solves this isse with the only compromise being that it is slightly thinner and smaller than the regular slanket.

Currently the Travel Slanket comes in 4 colours: Purple, Dark Blue, Ruby Wine, Chocolate Brown.

How big is The Travel Slanket?

The Travel Slanket is not quite as big as the regular Slanket, it has been made slightly smaller to allow you to more easily move around smaller spaces such as aeroplane cabins, train carriges etc..but don’t worry, it will still cover you from neck-to-toe. It has been designed to be small enough to be fully portable, but large enough to provide you with the comfort that you are used to from regular slankets.

  • Size: 58″W x 66″L

Travel Slanket Gallery

Travel Slanket



We love the Slanket, so we were a bit surprised when we first saw the Travel Slanket and our initial thoughts were “Isn’t it just a smaller slanket, why would you want that?“. There is an element of truth to this, it is just a smaller Slanket, but it has been altered significantly to solve the problem it is addressing. The product is perfect for travel – the thinner material doesn’t really compromise on the thick and luxurious feeling that people with an original Slanket will be used to (the Travel Slanket still feels higher quality than a Snuggie).

The drawstring bag makes it easy to store, pack up, and transport. Plus it is significantly cheaper than a regular Slanket.

It is true that the more self-conscious amongst us might be too embarassed to pull a Travel Slanket out on a plane – but if you do long car journeys on a regular basis, or find yourself in hotels and motels on work trips, then this might be just the thing to bring a bit of home comfort to your travels.

PS: It also makes a cheaper Slanket for teenagers and smaller adults 😉

OK, I want one. Where can I buy a Travel Slanket?:

The Travel Slanket is widely available online in the UK and the US at very reasonable prices from:

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