Weezer Snuggie Commercial [Video]

Weezer are always quick to jump on trends…..and then poke fun at them with very sharp sticks. And this is no different really – check out the Weezer Snuggie Parody below:

Need a Weezer Snuggie fix? Don’t have 2 minutes to spare? Get the scoop on the exclusive Weezer Snuggie fast in this 30 second cut of the infomercial. Remember – Raditude is free when you buy a Snuggie!


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  • mitchellCanada14


  • Zafter1237

    Ha! This is so ridiculous. The inventor of snuggies is now a millionaire because he invented the…um…blanket!

  • blackhole997

    i want it i want it i want it

  • tuna2221

    what is you already have ratitude.. butwant a snuggie?

  • avqueen17

    The dumbest invention ever. Just use a big blanket

  • chloezi101

    omg! I want that so bad im a huge fan!

  • spreadneck7

    Your a brilliant human.

  • iDrGemini

    1) Get a bathrobe.
    2) Write Weezer on the back.
    3) Put it on backwards.

    Congratulations, you’ve made: A Weezer Snuggie!

  • m0us3trap

    haha I got one for my birthday. Their actually really warm.

  • LittlerDragon

    i wish that was real.

  • flynvfae

    sellouts… what crap

  • nanabllet4

    I totally thought snuggie SUCKED when they first came out. By my fav. Band EVER changed that!!!!!!!! lol. (well Weezer is tied with No Doubt)

  • orioncharger94

    aw man i want a weezer snuggie 🙁

  • yesterdaysYOUTH

    srry weezer, backwards bath robes still suck :

  • ricoharbor

    lol nice

  • School564083

    Heartthrobber! Mad about this album, every song is perfect.. Just downloaded this album for free at DownloadMusic/./im , remove the slashes..

  • Nintendogsmaster3

    I need to get one of these.

  • JamesMontour

    Oh dear lord…

  • filmtheaddiction23

    Idk how they think of this stuff. Good thing I got one for Christmas I hear they’re selling like hot cakes!

  • samcorbing

    wow!! that’s cool!!! I wish I could have that

  • Jakethysnake93

    sell outs

  • HardcoreBeeyatchTV

    GOD, WHY?????

  • turbo4zetec

    Too bad they stopped writing music years ago. At least it’s a paycheck. Good for them.

  • MrBurgundy76

    too bad they suck ass now!!

  • broadcastappliance

    Very cagey: I’ll trade self-effacing good humor and equally good music for cold cash any holiday season. Love it.