What came first? The snuggie or the slanket?

Question Time:
What came first? The snuggie or the slanket?

The Snugie is commonly held to be the first wearable blanket (or blanket with sleeves) on the market

Phew…glad that’s settled then……


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  • kars.


    I’ve only heard of the snuggie…

  • Jonas


  • deliaa(:

    snuggie. what in the world is a slanket?

  • ★smurfy★

    I had no idea what a slanket was…had to google it. Aren’t they basically the same?

    Anyway, what actually came first is this thing that I’ve had for probably 6 or 7 years. It doesn’t have any fancy name. It zips up to about mid-torso or waist, depending on your height, and then you wrap the top part around your shoulders & it snaps up in front. The back neck end can be a hood if you want. I’ve always called it a “granny blanket”. 🙂