What website can I order a cheap snuggie from?

Another reader question has popped in to us here, so we thought we give you all the answer. The question is:

‘What website can I order a cheap ‘snuggie’ from? Is it possible to get one for under $30?’

The answer is yes you sometimes can get one for under $30, and your best bet is to keep checking Amazon who run teh most discounts.

Alternatively you can also find cheaper alternatives to the Snuggie at Amazon – sometimes you will pay less for a non-brand name and the quality won’t be too much different to be honest.

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  • snorkweezl

    Buy some fabric and make one. How hard is it to make a sack with feet and arms?

  • You are my sunshine

    this is like the best question ever.

    Just get it off the tv.

  • samoan3d

    If you just want one in Burgundy, then I would go here…


    You can get it for around $15 + $5 for shipping. Probably the best you will be able to find.

    If you are getting two, then you should probably get it from one of the as seen on TV places where you get 1 for around $20 + $8 for shipping and the second for another $8 in shipping. Here are a couple of links for those:


    Both offer the same thing. Good luck.