Where can I find a generic Snuggie in stores?

It is time for reader questions again.

This time we were asked:

Where can I find a generic Snuggie in stores?

If you are talking about a ‘non-brand’ blanket with sleeves, then you should try Walkmart if you are n the USA, or try Asda or Tescos in the UK – they all usually have own brand blankets with sleeves. Pretty much identical to the Snuggie.

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  • xcullenprydex

    Are you serious?
    A snuggie?
    Just kick it old-school, get a nice blankey.

  • Audrey S

    put on a damn hoodie or turn a bath robe around backwords and wear it. they sell them at kroger

  • Cara

    At most stores, they will have an “as seen on T.V.” section. If not, then they can be bought at CVS (they’re no that hard to find there) or at Target (usually in the check-out line or in the Home and Bed section). Hope this helps!

  • Kati

    Fred Meyer has snuggies or Wal-Mart maybe.

  • Diet

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  • Team Wolfpack.

    buy a robe and wear it backwards.