Where other than on the TV can I buy a Snuggie?

I just wanted to know if there is a store where I can buy a Snuggie or ShamWow. It takes to long through ordering it, and I would like to have it SOON! Anyone know?
Can you include the prices you have seen in stores?

Price compare Snuggies here

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  • princess p

    walmart,lines & things if there still in business, also bed bath& beyond

  • bratbrat2727

    Wal-Mart does carry them. They carry a lot of the things that you see advertised on the infomercials on TV.

  • Ann F

    I can buy them at Walgreen’s, so you might try CVS or another pharmacy. Sometimes, Target will have products like these, but I haven’t seen them there.

    I wouldn’t spend money on ShamWow, but the Snuggie looks interesting. I live in a warm climate, so I haven’t bought one but would if I lived in the north.

    I’m like you; I don’t like to order anything, esp. because of the shipping fees.

  • Thankfully Flawed

    I saw the Snuggie at KMart just two days ago. Also, they sell ShamWow at Big Lots.

  • donamkuhn

    I’ve only seen sham wow in home depot, I didn’t notice the price, sorry.

  • Tim E

    I just got an email this week from one of the big drugstore chains that they have them. I believe it was CVS but it could have been Rite Aid or Walgreens. You could call CVS and see or check out their website.

  • Amanda G

    I did some searching on Google and found this site. They actually have a Snuggie review too so you can read about it before you decide that you want to buy. Hope this helps.

  • Maren V

    Actually I got a ShamWow for Christmas and can’t believe how good it really is! http://www.goodinternetdeals.com/ShamWow.html

  • Tommy

    I Just Bought Both today at bed bath and beyond. They are both great