Who invented the Snuggie?

It’s time for reader’s questions again. This time someone asked us:

Who invented the snuggie?

The Snuggie wasn’t strictly invented by anyone – The Snuggie took its idea from the Slanket, which was invented by Gary Clegg when he was a student in 1998. Clegg was cold in his student accommodation and got his mother to sew a single arm on to an existing blanket so he could keep one hand free for drinks, snacks, and using the remote control, without needing to get out from under his blanket. He soon expanded this idea and got a blanket made with two arms, and from there he started developing the Slanket.

The Snuggie was marketed about 2 years after the Slanket became a commercial product, and took off when their TV Commercial went viral in 2008. That’s probably why many more people have heard of the Snuggie and assume that somebody invented it. In reality it was a cheaper, but more aggressively marketed, version of the Slanket.

In fact, the Slanket wasn’t strictly the first blanket with sleeves as a few years before the Slanket hit the market there was a product called The Freedom Blanket, and it is this product that was arguably the first blanket with sleeves on the market.

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