Wizard Robe Snuggie parody

The Snuggie has probably generated more parody videos than it has has sales (and remember, it has had A LOT of sales).

Here is a video that takes the original TV Snuggie Commercial and overdubs it turning the commercial into an advert for a Wizards Robe product….with some raw language.

Check out the Wizard Robe Snuggie Parody video below:

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  • ItsiDawg

    Best snuggie parody ever. needs more views.

  • xXSunheartXx

    Are you a cold bitch? lmao This is awesome XD

  • amykins725

    lol. yuh pix…he’s pretty much hilarious. ive missed his vids.

    And G, you wouldn’t want a Snuggie…I’d just end up ripping it off you anyway. Lol.

  • BigPapiGrande

    I think i want a wizard robe snuggie:(

  • trickypixie1208

    thats effin crazy ahah i love it… “3 diff colors” :)) call now bc he looks sexy with his knees tucked up :))….they can conjour stuff to;)):)) omfg

  • amykins725

    lmao….”and how do you read your spell book at night?”

    “order today, dont be gay!”

    lmao, you are so hilarious. i love you lol