WV News Anchor Wears Snuggie live on TV

When people ask you “Who wears a Snuggie, I mean really”, then simply point them to this page and they will see that the answer in LOCAL NEWS REPORTERS – THAT’S WHO.

Local news anchors have finally crossed that line of uncomfortable casualness.

Get your own SNUGGIE


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  • TheRsmith4719

    @Gamescook Correction, had you posted the whole sports segment. It was all in fun and the majority of viewers love it. Stuff like this is why they tune in.

  • Gamescook

    I did post the whole video that I had recorded, but just the fact that he accepted the dare on television… Oy.

  • TheRsmith4719

    He was dared to wear this by his co-anchors! Had the person actually posted the whole video you would know that. They were having some fun! And trust me WV is made fun of for many other reasons, not b/c of a sports anchor having a little fun! Geez, lighten up people!!!!

  • TTolbert915

    And us Mountaineers wonder why people make fun of WV this is exactly why i mean come on WTF

  • KTironkiller

    LOL. just sad!

  • Lydario

    Unless his actual BOSS was the one who dared him to do that… I can’t honestly believe he got away with this. THis seems really unprofessional.

  • hottiegirl1929


  • Gamescook

    This is one of those things that makes you want to say “goddamn it, America”, isn’t it?

  • Mystgate

    The horror! The horror!